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An insight into my personal story of discovering appropriate alternatives rather than desperately acting out

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I am pretty confident that as a very young child I was happy once, living an anxiety-free life. Not that I really remember that being the case. Not sure why or what changed but as a very young child I struggled terribly with low self-esteem and shyness. I felt awkward and as if I did not fit in at all.

I felt inadequate with my physical appearance and attractiveness. When my family uprooted me from the little security I did have and moved to a new town, I was totally lost.

I was around 13 and this move proved very difficult for me to come out of my shell and make friends. I did the opposite by withdrawing completely. I was isolating myself from everything. I became very unhappy and extremely anxious about any social situation. …

Improve your odds of recovery from alcoholism by gaining knowledge. Knowledge is power. Understand the Three Legacies of AA.

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Mt personal battles with the obsession of alcohol began at a very early age. I swear I was born with the obsessive urge to use alcohol.

That constant desire to use alcohol was something I quickly worked at satisfying. In the beginning, it was a labor of love.

I enjoyed every second of using alcohol. My mission every day when I awoke was to make sure I had ample time to drink.

It made me feel as if I could fit in with the world. Alcohol gave me a false sense of confidence, sexuality, and happiness. At least that is what I thought. …

Strategies backed by the science Of Amy Cuddy, Harvard Business School Social Psychologist, and others in this same field of study.

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Acting “as if”, behave like the person you want to become, you will become like this in reality. When necessary, “fake it till you make it”.

Sound like a daunting task? It really is not. This approach is very actionable and rewarding.

“You must be the person you have never had the courage to be. Gradually, you will discover that you are that person,
but until you can see this clearly, you must pretend and invent.”
– Paulo Coelho

Science and studies are available providing proof that a person is capable of tricking themselves into becoming whatever they want to be by pretending or acting “as if”. …

Speaking from personal experience, substance abuse brings about hopelessness. Combined with erotophobia, you may have a deadly cocktail.

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Erotophobia is an umbrella term that covers a variety of fears. It is defined as a phobia that is associated with intimacy and or sex. This may include romantic relationships and other types of intimate contact.

Erotophobia is exceptionally complicated and often includes more than one fear or phobia.

When left untreated, erotophobia can be devastating. It is very personal and may lead to avoidance, isolation, and substance abuse.

Speaking from firsthand experience, substance abuse brings about despair and hopelessness compounding existing behavior health issues.

The substance abuse associated with erotophobia usually exasperates the anxiety and fear associated with the disorder compounding issues. …

If you are not already doing these, you are missing out.

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If I only knew back a few decades what I know now, I may not have put myself through the agony of substance abuse and mental anguish for so many years.

I was the definition of unhappiness and a human version of Eeyore. I lived every day trying to find a way out of my own skin.

Finding happiness in anything was foreign to me. I was afraid of my own feelings and had a fear of reaching out for any help.

I did not know how to cope with the negativity that surrounded me in everyday life. I was depressed, anxious, and unfulfilled. …

10 strategies I had to learn first and then implement to survive this time of isolation, unrest, unhappiness, and uncertainty.

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Lately, so many of us have been feeling dead in our own skin. The devasting effects of this Covid Virus have taken its toll.

The CDC has come out and said that the stress related to a pandemic such as Covid can cause behavioral health issues such as the following.

  • Fear and Worry About Family Health
  • Money Concerns
  • Disruption of Healthy Eating Routines
  • Inability to Sleep or Concentrate
  • Deteriorating Chronic Health Issues.
  • Mental Health Instability
  • Increased Substance Abuse

Having to quarantine has many consequences. Many of these are unfamiliar to us and we are having difficulty adjusting.

Should I dare mention a few of my personal struggles brought on by Covid 19? …

These 6 steps of Intentional Living and the support of Alcoholics Anonymous provided me the foundation to reinvent myself.

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My ass was kicked by alcohol. I lived decades of my life looking for an escape. I was a shell of a boy growing up and the same as a grown man.

I was literally drowning in my own despair and hopelessness. I was soon to die.

I successfully used alcohol and other substances to the point of utter despair and desperation. My hopes and dreams were dulled by the daily abuse of alcohol.

Achieving a daily blackout was the only intentional goal I lived for.

Ultimately I was a dying, beaten man strapped down to a hospital bed. I was hallucinating with tubes attached to veins and hooked up to countless machines. …

Take advantage of my personal life lessons, learn how to avoid sabotaging yourself and your desired successes.

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Do you want to die today? I think not, nor does one want to fail.

This may sound a bit extreme but your brain and feelings are incapable of telling the difference.

If your goal is to be successful and I believe it is, you must stop setting your sights on failure and rather, set those sights on success.

Oddly enough, the fear of success presents as very powerful, sometimes stronger than fearing failure. This frequently is how self-sabotage establishes itself.

While spending so much energy on not working towards failure, your brain is subconsciously attempting to find reasons to not achieve success. …

Five simple yet effective strategies to command power over your daily suffering based on personal experience.

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There are several possible reasons for anxiety. Regardless of the causes, anxiety has always been most difficult for me in the mornings.

To get out of bed every morning in a state of despair and hopelessness made it difficult to function. This was a battle my entire life.

I eventually abused substances to the point of addiction trying to self-medicate. I now have years of sobriety and live a productive life.

Besides the medication I have been prescribed, I have always searched for an alternative solution. …

A small glimpse into my experience, strength, and hope. How I am surviving my battle with alcoholism one day at a time.

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My fatal attraction, as with most fatal attractions ended with me close to death. The difference with this fatal attraction was that it was with a bottle of alcohol and not a person.

My best friend betrayed me.

My relationship with alcohol began at a very young age and progressively developed quickly over the course of many years. I knew very early that I was an active alcoholic.

I was sure that inevitably I would die with a shit load of alcohol in my system. …

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