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Working on myself, including my attitude, turned my once reprehensible life into one of respect and satisfaction.

A square block that says “I believe in you. Believe in yourself. Be positive. Mike Holmes
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Attitude is probably the single most important ingredient in both success and failure.

Attitude causes a person to act or react to every situation in one way or another.

A long-ago poet wrote, “Two men looked out from prison bars one saw mud, the other saw stars.”

Pessimism and optimism are the two poles of our attitudes.

Pessimists always see the “glass as half empty” while optimists see the same
“glass as half full”.

It's the same glass and has the same amount in it…the only difference is how you look at it.

Pessimists see a problem as…

As part of my life, Suicidal Ideation is the obsessive thinking of suicide or the contemplation of ending one’s own life.

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Suicidal ideation feels incredibly scary, especially if you are not sure how to cope with the persistent suicidal thoughts.

Personally, I have struggled with substance addiction for many years and have lived with depression which facilitated the constant thoughts of suicide, suicidal ideation.

None of these issues just go away without treatment and support.

I had to reach out to doctors and support groups to improve my behaviors and obsessions.

Suicidal ideation is known as obsessive thoughts of suicide or the contemplation of ending one’s own life. …

Adult attention deficit/hyperactivity disorder, adult ADHD, can be better understood with knowledge.

A desk that is very disorganized.
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People often use the terms Attention Deficit Disorder (ADD) and Attention-Deficit/Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD) interchangeably.

This condition is sometimes called attention deficit disorder (ADD), but this is an outdated term.

ADHD is a broad term, and the condition can vary from person to person.

Adults with ADHD have typically had the disorder since childhood, but it may not be diagnosed until later in life.

An evaluation usually occurs at the prompting of a peer, family member, or co-worker who observes problems at work or in relationships.

It’s been suggested that roughly one-third of people once identified with ADHD no…

Addiction in itself is complicated and when coupled with a personality disorder, a far more complex situation exists.

Image of thin individual with own arms wrapped around head indicating high anxiety or stress.
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Addiction and personality disorder can be a devastating marriage.

Before anyone in this judgmental society voices an opinion, they should become educated on the facts concerning addiction and personality disorder.

Too much is misunderstood, leading to unnecessary condemnation and not enough empathy.

A personality disorder is a complex and severe mental illness that is characterized by poor interpersonal relationships, mood instability, and unstable self-image and behavior.

Personality disorders usually begin early in childhood or the teenage years and are often ingrained in early adulthood making these disorders very difficult to treat.

Addiction (substance abuse) not…

Abilify can help in reducing the number of symptoms experienced by schizophrenics.

Woman with hand over her face.
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Disclaimer, I am not a doctor. “Abilify: No More Psychosis, Paranoia, Dramatic Mood Swings, Nor Mean Voices” is the result of independent research and personal experiences.

Schizophrenia is a challenge that influences an individual’s capacity to think, feel, and act erratically.

People can sometimes mistake the symptoms of bipolar disorder for schizophrenia symptoms.

Bipolar disorder and schizophrenia are two different chronic mental health disorders.

The specific cause for schizophrenia is not known, yet a mix of hereditary qualities, climate, and modified brain chemistry may contribute.

Schizophrenia is distinguished by thoughts or experiences that seem out…

The focus of recovery should be on the individual and not the process of treatment to facilitate optimized mental health.

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Having achieved a bachelor's degree, a master’s degree, and an excellent job I thought I “had the world by the tail” as some would say. I had no idea what optimized mental health was about nor how it related to the focus of recovery.

Although I had experienced dark feelings and insecurities before, I never would have believed they would lead to full-blown depression and anxiety.

But by the time I was well into my career, my depression and anxiety had impacted my life in a major way.

I had abused alcohol to the point…

An insight into my personal story of discovering appropriate alternatives rather than desperately acting out

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I am pretty confident that as a very young child I was happy once, living an anxiety-free life. Not that I really remember that being the case. Not sure why or what changed but as a very young child I struggled terribly with low self-esteem and shyness. I felt awkward and as if I did not fit in at all.

I felt inadequate with my physical appearance and attractiveness. When my family uprooted me from the little security I did have and moved to a new town, I was totally lost.

I was around 13 and this move proved very…

Improve your odds of recovery from alcoholism by gaining knowledge. Knowledge is power. Understand the Three Legacies of AA.

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Mt personal battles with the obsession of alcohol began at a very early age. I swear I was born with the obsessive urge to use alcohol.

That constant desire to use alcohol was something I quickly worked at satisfying. In the beginning, it was a labor of love.

I enjoyed every second of using alcohol. My mission every day when I awoke was to make sure I had ample time to drink.

It made me feel as if I could fit in with the world. Alcohol gave me a false sense of confidence, sexuality, and happiness. …

Strategies backed by the science Of Amy Cuddy, Harvard Business School Social Psychologist, and others in this same field of study.

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Acting “as if”, behave like the person you want to become, you will become like this in reality. When necessary, “fake it till you make it”.

Sound like a daunting task? It really is not. This approach is very actionable and rewarding.

“You must be the person you have never had the courage to be. Gradually, you will discover that you are that person,
but until you can see this clearly, you must pretend and invent.”
– Paulo Coelho

Science and studies are available providing proof that a person is capable of tricking themselves into becoming whatever they want to…

Speaking from personal experience, substance abuse brings about hopelessness. Combined with erotophobia, you may have a deadly cocktail.

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Erotophobia is an umbrella term that covers a variety of fears. It is defined as a phobia that is associated with intimacy and or sex. This may include romantic relationships and other types of intimate contact.

Erotophobia is exceptionally complicated and often includes more than one fear or phobia.

When left untreated, erotophobia can be devastating. It is very personal and may lead to avoidance, isolation, and substance abuse.

Speaking from firsthand experience, substance abuse brings about despair and hopelessness compounding existing behavior health issues.

The substance abuse associated with erotophobia usually exasperates the anxiety and fear associated with the…

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